Thank you for your interest in this survey study. The data collection for this study has ended. Therefore it is not possible to participate in the study anymore.

The purpose of this questionnaire was to ask women about the extent to which they were treated with respect while giving birth, and whether they were asked to give consent for certain procedures during childbirth.

Between 26 October and 17 December 2020, more than 10.000 women who gave birth in the Netherlands shared their experience through the survey. We are grateful that so many women shared their experience with us. Currently, researchers of Amsterdam UMC are working on analyzing the collected data.

Participants who completed the questionnaire were able to win one of twenty gift cards of Naïf Care worth €50. The winners will receive an email in January 2021.

If you are looking for more information about this study, please contact the researcher Marit van der Pijl: or visit the website of the Childbirth Network.